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The easy way to Patch a Patagonia Down Jacket on patagonia outlet store

So you bought a down jacket. With regular care and washing, it'll provide versatile, packable warmth for season after season, but eventually, its ultralight ripstop shell will tear. It'll snag on a branch, scrape against a rock or get caught in a suitcase zipper. Roughhousing with your dog might do it, too — you never know! But what you should know is that patching a down jacket is easy.

Take it from Josh Schill, the repair manager at Patagonia's Reno repair facility. Patagonia has long been known for its Ironclad Guarantee, which backs up damaged gear with a promise to fix what can be, typically for free. Schill and a team of nearly 100 specialists brought roughly 50,000 items back to full functionality last year alone (and a separate third-party facility handled an additional 25,000 to 30,000).

The majority of repairs that come through, says Schill, are for ripstop items, including down and synthetic insulation jackets. He doesn't have many patches on his own Down Sweater, but needless to say, he certainly knows how to fix a tear.

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