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Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and accredited rock climber, began selling hand forged mountain climbing gear in 1957 through his company Chouinard Equipment. In 1970, Chouinard obtained rugby shirts from Scotland. Chouinard Equipment was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1989 when it lost a series of lawsuits claiming 'failure to inform' of safety issues related to usage of climbing hardware including one filed by the survivors of a climber who died in a fall after slipping out of a Chouinard climbing harness. The resultant increases in their product liability insurance were cited by Chouinard as the reason they stopped making climbing gear. The liquidated assets of the climbing gear side were purchased for $900,000 by Chouinard's longtime partner, Peter Metcalf, and reorganized as Black Diamond Equipment. Yvon Chouinard retained the profitable soft goods (clothing) division of the company which had already been rebranded as Patagonia.

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Clothier Patagonia Sale boycotts ski resort after owner hosted GOP fundraiser with Marjorie Taylor Greene

Patagonia confirmed this week that it was pulling out of three stores operated by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, its largest single customer in the area. The outdoor gear and clothing company acknowledged the move came after Jay Kemmerer, a co-owner of the facility, co-hosted an Aug. 5 fundraiser for the House Freedom Caucus, a bloc of conservative Congress members who have allied themselves closely with Trump. ..........Read full article

Patagonia Outlet Store stops supplying inventory to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia said it will stop supplying Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with inventory after one of the resort’s owners held a fundraiser for the conservative House Freedom Caucus. ..........Read full article

patagonia Outlet Online skyline traveler hiking pants review

What I love most about Patagonia’s Skyline Traveler Pants is that they look like the joggers I’ve been wearing all year. They are made with a recycled nylon, polyester, and spandex blend that makes them some of the stretchiest pants I own, and as a result, some of the most comfortable, too. But this stretch has a purpose beyond comfort—it helps to have total mobility while ascending a steep stretch of trail. Beyond the comfort and the ability to move freely in them, they are stylish. The bottom cuffs are partially elasticised, giving a shape to the calf that most other hiking pants lack. This means that they don’t look like hiking pants at all. They look great—chic, almost—with both sneakers and hiking boots. I could wear these to a bar or even the office and have no problems whatsoever. But best of all, they do their job—they are water resistant, rip-proof, rugged, and trail tested. ..........Read full article

Deal: Patagonia’s Outlet Durable Canvas Jacket is 40% Off

You’re probably investing heavily in your summer adventures now that the world is poised to reopen, but consider this: Patagonia’s Maple Grove Canvas Jacket is 40% off at Steep and Cheap. This durable work coat employs stretchy canvas cotton that’s incredibly comfy and finished with a DWR treatment to shed moisture through shoulder season. Plus, a fleece lining in the body pairs with insulation in the sleeves to keep you toasty on those cold mornings when you’d rather be in bed. Patagonia also added a stowaway hood that deploys in a pinch to shield you from winter storms. While everyone else is buying swimsuits, now’s your chance to grab the jacket that’s bound to be out-of-stock when cold weather returns once again. ..........Read full article


For its latest experiment, OLD PARK has snipped Patagonia apparel and The North Face sweaters to pieces, painstakingly sewing the scraps into the shape of fully-lined double rider's vests and a jacket. Because these are all unique garments crafted from disparate tatters, the panels are intentionally imprecise, though the resulting outerwear boasts fairly well-matched hues (i.e. one vest is tonally blue, another red). ..........Read full article

The 12 Best Outdoor Products of Summer 2021

The amphibious, quick-drying Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Hoodie is tailored to multi-sport summer days that switch from trail to river and back again. Not only is the relatively affordable UPF 50+ hoodie treated with odor-obliterating Polygiene, but it’s also knit from Bluesign-approved recycled polyester and stitched in Fair Trade Certified factories. Combining style, comfort and safety, it's the best sun shirt of the entire batch. ..........Read full article

Patagonia Outlet Reveals Its First Camping Stove, With Its New Untethered Kit

Patagonia is better known for its Synchilla fleeces and Baggies shorts than it is for gear. Gear in the sense of equipment — tents, stoves, headlamps, racks, etc. Yes, the company makes some of the best backpacks available for hiking, climbing and skiing, and its rugged Black Hole duffels deserve a place in every closet (perhaps in multiple sizes). But excepting those, the closest it's come to gear in the non-apparel sense is its sleeping bags, which it only began producing in recent years. ..........Read full article

The easy way to Patch a Patagonia Down Jacket on patagonia outlet store

So you bought a down jacket. With regular care and washing, it'll provide versatile, packable warmth for season after season, but eventually, its ultralight ripstop shell will tear. It'll snag on a branch, scrape against a rock or get caught in a suitcase zipper. Roughhousing with your dog might do it, too — you never know! But what you should know is that patching a down jacket is easy. ..........Read full article

Patagonia Outlet Torrentshell Rain Jacket Review

Patagonia has been making rain jackets for decades now, and all that practice has resulted in a jacket that can be stuffed into itself while still qualifying as the longest lasting and most breathable waterproof layer I’ve ever owned. The rain jacket is reliable enough to be taken into the backcountry, but it does just as well on rainy days in the city. The jacket's simple, lightweight design makes it a piece of your wardrobe you’ll want to wear regardless of the weather. The hood, a feature which on most other rain jackets is almost always too big, can be adjusted to cover more or less of your face depending on whether you’re trudging through a soaking forest or walking to get coffee on a slightly overcast day. A few other features like pit zips for when you need extra venting during hard exercise and a front zipper specially designed not to catch round out the jacket. Best of all, the fabric itself is waterproof without being insulatory and actually keeps you cool when it’s humid during a downpour. ..........Read full article

Patagonia Outlet and Bureo Are Making Jackets Out of Old Fishing Nets

A new fabric is joining the ranks of gear-maker Patagonia's innovative materials. It is called NetPlus, and it's the result of a multi-year collaboration with Bureo, a company that collects and recycles old fishing nets into usable nylon.
These nets come from more than 50 fishing villages along the coasts of Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Bureo's founders have been working in the region for a while, turning nets into small products like skateboards, sunglasses, and Jenga blocks. This partnership with Patagonia is an exciting opportunity to scale up and bring this ocean-helping technology to a broader audience. ..........Read full article